Light Code Activations

Light Code Activations

Hey Starseeds!

I’m Leah Robinson and I help Starseeds who are ready to remember who they are and share their unique gifts in co-creation of our New Earth. 

Calling New Earth Leaders ready to shift resonance to align with your Divine ascension template.

I’m and intuitive artist, transpersonal art therapist, counsellor, and ascension guide. I am an Intuitive Artist, Spiritual Mentor and Activation guide for starseeds. I’m so happy that you’ve found me because if you’re here, that means you’re ready to awaken and activate your true identity and unlock your wisdom and knowledge from within the core of your being.  You feel the knowing within you that its time to align with your energetic frequency, the blueprint of your soul, to awaken the knowledge within and activate your 5D field of unlimited potentiality. You’re ready step into your sovereign power as a Creator being.

Ascension & Activation Light Codes for Starseeds

I help people shift into a higher frequency so that they can move into 5D.  I’m here to help you remember and guide you as you fulfil your unique mission, connect with your spiritual intelligence, your galactic heritage, have unshakeable trust in the Universe, be the Light, and stand in your sovereign power as you move forward. I do this by receiving downloads and creating sacred geometry Light Codes specifically for Starseeds.


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 We tune into your emotions to access Light Codes – the keys to shift resonance to your divine template. A unique Light Code created just for you will harmonise in its essence with your understanding of where you need to be moved to – to become more of who you are as source. 

This is an exciting time to be alive! This is the Shift. This is what we came here for. We came here to be part this huge DNA upgrade for humanity. Everything we know within ourselves has prepared us for this time. Now is the time to let go of what doesn’t serve us and trust.

You, Starseed are here because you are needed. We are all ONE. Trust the process.

Ascension & Activation Light Codes for Starseeds