Ascension & Activation Light Codes for Starseeds

Calling New Earth Leaders

Leah Robinson Presents

Ascension & Activation Light Codes for Starseeds

Get out of your head so you can be guided by your intuition, mastering the art of feminine energy and into a state of pure creation.

Feeling stuck in fear and uncertainty? Still trapped in a mindset of scarcity, smallness and suffering? If you’re ready for unlimited potentiality and abundance – just by being who you came here to be and serving with your unique gifts – then this is for you. 

Now is the time to align with your soul’s mission and activate as a sovereign co-creator being and leader of the New Earth. 

I customise and create sacred geometry Light Codes specifically for the area you want to activate and amplify in your life to help you through your ascension process. This incredibly powerful work activates your beautiful ascension process, as we tune into your emotions to receive Light Codes – the keys to shift resonance to your divine soul template.

Light Codes are multidimensional, living light frequencies to awaken us to our crystalline dimension. Activating our quantum crystalline DNA and harmonising our cellular structure. Raising our vibration. Enabling us to hold more light in our bodies to support higher frequencies. Preparing us for the huge DNA upgrade of humanity.

This is an exciting time to be alive! This is the Shift. We came here to be part of humanity’s ascension. Everything we know within ourselves has prepared us for this time. Now is the time to BE who we came here to be and let go of what doesn’t serve us and trust.

You, Starseed are here because you are needed 🤍

Art is a healing journey that's helped me navigate the dark night of the soul.

When I discovered the healing Light Codes

 they changed the course of my life. I was working in a soul destroying job trying desperately to be someone I wasn’t, believing I didn’t have choices. The Light Codes activated in me … another choice, another timeline – one that my soul wanted – pointing me back to art and healing –  awakening inner knowing of what these Light Codes are, their incredible power and how to work with them in healing. Now I’m loving every moment of sharing my gifts so much that I’m energized, instead of drained. Living a live a life of choice, abundance and freedom.

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Picture this:

Imagine you…

  • Tapping into yourself as a creator so that when you take strategic action you’re aligned and coming from a place of flow and intuition, rather than a place of “I have to fix this shit”
  • Pulling your creative genius out, so you’re not sitting there stuck and wondering what to do, so you can trust yourself and not second guess yourself
  • Being able to lead yourself, so you can notice and have an awareness and say no that’s not where I want to go – this is where I want to go
  • Choosing and jumping onto that new timeline that opens up and unleashing that new version of yourself that you’ve always known is there so you can upshift your life into full power and manifestation
  • Getting clarity on what it is you desire so you can become an energetic match for what you want and quickly and easily manifest your dream life including better relationships, healthy body, feeling good in your own skin
  • Having more abundance in your life so you can have more money in the bank so you can buy what you want and don’t have to worry
  • Creating work-life balance so you can freely spend time with your family and enjoying your life
  • Having peace of mind so you can wake up everyday feeling calm and not feeling stressed out or worried
  • Clearing trauma, programming and conditioning so you can create deeper, loving, soulful relationships
  • Being guided by your heart not your head so you can let of fear, take a quantum leap into LOVE and create better communication in your relationships
  • Maintaining 5D frequency so you can experience flow-state synchronicity, pure potentiality, creation and abundance in every NOW moment
  • Leading other awakening souls into the collective shift in consciousness so you can co-create a 5D aligned world of infinite potentiality for all beings


What You’ll Get When you Work With Me In This Divine Space

For the month of January 2022 I have a special offer to help you start your fresh new year with synchronicity and flow.

I guide you deep into your inner world where you’ll connect with the language of your Soul.

In this high-level sacred creation container, we’ll activate your evolution and growth in those areas of your life you’re ready to expand into.

I’m going to take you from fear and uncertainty into a space where you know yourself a being of light, aligned with your soul’s mission.

You’ll feel connected to your inner knowing, your inner guidance system, to know who you really are.

Co-creating the new Earth as you share your unique divine gifts.

There’s a 3 month option, a 6 month option and a 6 week intensive.

We’re going to do Light Code Activations, Art Therapy self-expression and integrations.

Programs include:

  • Customized Ascension and Activations Light Codes
  • Healing and coaching
  • Clearing and transmuting work
  • Tools to help you …
  • Daily practices to maintain your state of inner peace so you’ll be centered and receptive to receiving Light Codes
  • Homework, journaling
  • You’ll receive your personal activation Light Code as a full colour digital image


6 week Power Intensive where you’ll get 6 weekly 1hr healing and creation calls 


3 Month Package where you’ll get 4 weekly 1hr healing and creation calls with me every month


6 Week Power Intensive is one 90 minute call every week for 6 weeks where we will activate and heal …

3  Month Package


6 Month Package


6 Week Power Intensive


As I received the connection with my Light Code Leah understood and held space for the process to flow. Suddenly, at a certain point of the creation the Light Code communicated directly with me, it was something I had never experienced before. I didn’t know what it was communicating, however, I knew it was a meeting point with a new understanding. Over the next few weeks following our session I readdressed some past events of my life to reclaim my power. I believe the Light Code acted as a catalyst in my life, giving a nudge to release some past experiences, creating space for the new to emerge. A unique and powerful experience.
Daryl Clifford
Intuitive Facilitator, Crystal Energy Jewellery
Leah has guided me in understanding the language of my soul and she also reminds me constantly that my inner being never stops communicating to me. Leah helped me decode the language of my soul and form a connection with my inner being. The huge takeaway is that I had acquired a tool-kit to operate with my soul. She taught me how to use these drawings as a tool-kit that I can come back to access my inner being anytime I feel distraught or lazy. I feel self-equipped after working with Leah to access my soul, heart and tune into my gut feelings. The highlight of the entire experience was when I discovered my life purpose in my last session with her.
Jennifer Batcha
Soul Therapist, Spiritual Mentor
Leah is excellent in creating a safe space and giving the right instructions for you to tap into yourself. The guided meditation allowed me to see how the theme of my life experience allowed me to become the person to serve my life purpose. The breaking free of my soul could not have been better aided by Leah with her instructions, safety, guidance, support and allowing. It was as though I had finally found the light post after wandering in the dark for a while. In her sessions, she was consistent in her messaging that purpose is synonymous with soul. That there cannot be one without the other. I thank Leah for being the person she is as it is her allowing of herself that her wisdom helps shine a light on our own wisdom. I am ever so grateful to her for helping me believe in my heart and feeling self- sufficient in what I thought I needed from others. I am glad she continues to be a part of my journey of the growth of my soul.
Jennifer Batcha
Soul Therapist, Spiritual Mentor
Leah - I think you're gifted. I've seen psychologists, some spinal taping as my brain is in the fight and flight mode - nothing's seemed to work for me, not this quickly either. When I decided to share with you what happened on that session - there was no way I could have known you had a gift of getting me to open up or let go - you don't know to what extent this could help me in my life - I am definitely all ears and if I can I am a willing student this hasn't been a pleasant journey for me feeling like I do most days. I really don't know how to thank you and I just hope it will be a continual progression for me.
Megan Stevens
Health & Wellness Entrepreneur