About Me

About Leah

I am a creative mentor. I help people create. That’s my thing. I help you get into a state of creation, to find your inner artist. I get you out of the fixing the problem mode and into the state of creation. Out of your head so you can be guided by your intuition. Mastering the art of feminine energy. We’re moving into the feminine paradigm. The Divine feminine. I help you tap into your creative genius.

Have you ever wondered how to access the language of your soul?

Experiencing being in the timelessness zone, in the flow state of pure creation, feeling the pure joy of creation,
so you can allow beauty and abundance to unfold with non-resistance in your life?

As a young child I had a knowing that I was an artist. Growing up in a family who didn’t understand what it is to live the life of an artist, I believed the whole world didn’t understand art. I was the classic struggling, broke artist who I believed I couldn’t make money from art and blamed the world for not understanding me.

As a followed my healing journey I discovered that art has the power to heal. Art IS more than meets the eye. I knew deep within myself that beyond its aesthetic, intellectual, conceptual and technical significance, is another level of healing. Art is a language, that gives access to communication with the Universe.  I explored themes of alchemical transmutation in my art as a metaphor for my personal transformation. I had a deep knowing within myself of the language of my Soul that I was accessing.

As I did the healing work and I let go of my limiting beliefs, I discovered the miracle of art – I was shocked at how easy and fun it is to share art healing experiences to help people experience mindfulness, creative self-expression, health & wellbeing. I loved how energizing it is to help awaken others to their inner artist. As I put myself out into the world and started sharing my energy this way I cleared the channels for financial abundance to come to me.

When I discovered the healing Light Codes they changed the course of my life. I was working in a soul destroying job trying desperately to be someone I wasn’t, believing I didn’t have choices. The light codes activated me… another choice, another timeline – one that my soul wanted – pointing me back to art and healing. They guided me to train as a Transpersonal Art Therapist and Counsellor finally bring everything together for me in my own healing/transformation. I became both an artist and a healer. It took me out of survival mode and launched me into my divine healing light work.   

The light codes guided me to equip myself for this work.

When I discovered the healing Light Codes they appeared as if by magic as they channeled through me. They spoke to me, they seemed to move, to be alive, to vibrate with a multi-dimensional frequency. I knew these were living light frequencies communicating with me.  I could feel the remembrance of something familiar emerge as I received them into my emotional body. As I allowed them to permeate my field, their messages entered my consciousness.

When I received my very first Light Code it activated this Light Code work in meAwakening inner-knowing of what these Light Codes are, their incredible power and how to work with them in healing.  I felt the divine love and protection surround me and this work as it gave me its blessings. When I allow its energy to permeate my being I feel the soft nurturing energy it holds.

Love is my Path. Art is my Vehicle.

Leah Robinson is a Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor, Visual Artist and Teacher based in Sydney. Her own healing journey has been through Art self-expression. As a result of her personal experience of the power of art, Leah is committed sharing with others what’s available through exploring self-expression, creativity and fun. Leah holds a safe and nurturing space for you to express.

Adv Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Dip Counselling, Master of Visual Arts, Bachelor Visual Arts (Hons)